Illuminate Consultants

Illuminate Consultants

Flexible, Customised, Management Consulting 

Illuminate: Why, What and How

Why Illuminate Exists

Illuminate exists to enable individuals and organisations from disparate industries to collaborate, learn and leverage

What Illuminate Does

Illuminate connects people and ideas

How Illuminate Operates

Illuminate utilises it's network to:

  • Identify  open and honest collaboration and learning opportunities
  • Impart knowledge from one industry to another where doing so can add value


Integrated Ops Centres

Implementation of Integrated Operations Centres (IOC)

Development IOC business cases

IOC implementation, communication and change management support

Benchmarking your IOC against world class IOCs from our network

Operational Reviews

Operational reviews of any part of your business

Identification of underlying contributing factors associated with systemic underperformance

Independent root cause analysis of specific incidents across your operations

Resource Modelling

Quantification of the number of front line workers you need for your operation

Development of resource models from first principles

Utilisation of activity based resource modelling for your specific assets and their operational and maintenance requirements

Efficiency Implementation

Review of business processes through a Lean/Six Sigma lens 

Identify improvement opportunities

Design & implementation of improvement plans

Develop benefits measurement methods and collaboration tracking

Business Strategy

Development and implementation of business strategy

Strategy for new businesses in new or existing markets

Strategy for new service lines for existing businesses looking to expand their service offering

Innovation Support

Development of Innovation Concepts 

Facilitation of innovation workshops with your team focussed on your existing business

Supporting your team to develop innovation concepts which leverage cross industry approaches

Engagement Model

Individual Consultant

The primary engagement model we use is  with Mark Pigram providing direct consulting services

Mark has worked across a range of industries including Oil & Gas, Resources, Retail, Aviation, Government, Finance and Heavy Industry in both line leadership and consulting roles

Associate Model

Where a client requirement involves a number of consulting resources or a range of capabilities, Illuminate utilises it's Associate Model

We have developed strong relationships with a number of highly experienced and trusted individuals, all of whom Mark has worked with personally and who are able to work with Illuminate as Associates to deliver amazing results to satisfy our clients requirements



After growing up in Armidale, NSW, I moved to Brisbane to study Chemical Engineering at UQ from 1997 - 2000 where I lived at St Leo's College for the first three years of my degree


When I finished my degree I worked for Caltex Australia. I first worked as a front line Operator for three years before a short stint as a Process Engineer. After this I moved into Maintenance and Reliability Management and Improvement for a further three years before my final three years in Operations Management 


While working at Caltex I completed an MBA from The Australian Graduate School of Management. It is during this time that I started to expand my network and where I met some wonderfully talented, intelligent and driven people

Illuminate #1

After 10 years with Caltex and first hand experience in a number of large scale McKinsey led transformation programs I decided to start my own Management Consulting business, Illuminate. I had no leads, no projects and just three months long service leave on which to survive


Illuminate grew to 10 people over three years before a merger and a number of  acquisitions occurred. The group was then rebranded INNTURE, a Management Consulting business offering People & Culture, Procurement, Program Management and Data and Analytics services with ~50 employees

Illuminate Returns

Illuminate has now returned offering the same flexible, customised management consulting services for which it was so well known and loved. Now with a vastly broader network with which to leverage than our humble beginnings in 2010

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